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Dublin, Ireland
€ 500.00
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The R-Tech P30C plasma cutter features 8 mm Genuine clean cut on mild steel and 12 mm severance cut, its lightweight, portable and works of a 13 A supply, features high frequency starting for easy starting of cuts and low cost long life consumables.
Built with class leading Siemens IGBT's. Not inferior Mosfets.
See our plasma cutters in action. View our plasma cutting video below!
8 mm genuine clean cut on mild steel, 12 mm severance cut on mild steel.
Comes as a complete kit. All you need is a supply of compressed air and a 240 V 13 A supply.
Amperage adjustment 15-30 A with a high 35% duty cycle at 30 A.
HF arc starting enables easy starting of cut.
3-year collect and return UK warranty.
240 V input fuse rating 13amps.