Dustin Rhodes Forge Works / EMR Knives

At Dustin Rhodes Forges Works we do more than just make knives. Below are some of the other many things we are able to do.

Dustin Rhodes Forge Works, is composed of a group of bladesmiths and blacksmiths, who work together to create or recreate hand forged weapons, and campware, as well as rustic décor. All pieces are made in the sense, that the smith making them would be proud to use, and rely on them his or her self. EMR Knives is the newest addition to Dustin Rhodes Forge Works, specializing in hand forged copper blades, and authentic early American art work. Nicolaides Blade Works has recently joined DRFW/EMR Knives in our shop, and I look forward to seeing some awesome work from Josh in the shop. Jake Perry and Adriana Day from Jak Hammer Creations have joined up to add some additional flair to the work coming out of the shop. And as always Steve Cunningham a.k.a. Viking Steve of Viking Steve Axe and Knife, will be turning out scary sharp brutish blades while drinking mead and devouring wild game.

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Mailing Address
Dustin Rhodes Forge Works
1180 E 900 ave
Shobonier, Illinois 62885

Phone: (217) 690-0441
Email: admin@drfw.com


Dustin was featured in season 4 episode 2 of History Channel's Forged In Fire, as well as several local television programs. His work can be found in collections across the country and his semi production work can be found in several retail stores.