Elvis Stepcic Custom Knives and ironwork

Hello, i’m Elvis Stepcic a 25 years old Croatian living in Italy, in 2011 i started to poke my nose in this craft and since 2015 i’ve been focusing on mainly forged blades and other kind of ironwork

For a better part of my “career” i’ve been shifting from virgin materials to repurposed back and forth, in the last years i mainly use high quality  materials that i acquire from known dealers (mainly certified steel that i use for my blades) but i also recycle old wrought iron for it’s pattern welded effects once etched, i also produce my own patternwelded/damascus steel.

If you are looking for a one of a kind blade, feel free to send me an email or contact me at my Fb page : www.facebook.com/ElvisStepcicKnives


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