Kevin A Moore

An artist residing in Seattle. My focus is metal sculpture, but I love to write, paint, and I practice photography and its’ editing regularly.

“Hi, my name is Kevin and I’m an Art-oholic,
Sometimes I get lost for days finishing a piece I may never get paid for. My wardrobe can be pretty threadbare, full of tears and burns from working with metal, boots worn and tattered. It’s hell on my social life, I had to quit drinking and going out so I would have more time and money to sink into my art. I also felt drinking was hindering my mind, impeding creation, keeping me from being the person I am suppose to be. My fridge and cupboards are empty, who has time for things like making food when the next piece is just waiting to be created. When I write I want it to be art. Everything I see wants to be photographed and become a piece of art. To me Life itself is art. Love and sex, climbing a rock or rolling down a hill, walking, talking, all just complex forms of living breathing moving art. As my condition progresses I find myself sometimes brought to tears, laughing out loud, or angry and cursing at the world while I create. Sometime I wonder if I may be losing my mind. So as you can see I have a problem, I need help… I need help feeding my habit.”   ~Kevin A Moore

“I enjoy the challenges involved with the design of each new sculpture. As each piece evolves there is a point in time where there is a transition from something that has a recognizable shape to something that has life. Something that evokes emotion. Something that tries to break the barrier between being a object and becoming a force of nature. For me it is a vibration or “shiver” a transformation that adds life. It is something that I can see and feel. Maybe you will see it too? This is the point when all the hours spent are justified. I hope the passion I have for my work shows through”  Kevin

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